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Our Mission

Professional Services, Quality Assurance, Excellent Courses,
One-Stop-Shop for Our Students!

Our Company

EasyStudy works very closely with our sister companies EasyMigrate and EasyRecruit, we are professional services group dedicated to the provision of assistance to international clients wishing to study, migrate and work in Australia. With head office in Perth and branch office in Sydney, Australia, we also have partnership companies in India, China, Hong Kong SAR, Dubai, UK, Canada and New Zealand. Our company is managed by a dynamic

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team of experienced business and education professionals ensuring our services are of high standard, dependable and cost-competitive.

We are proud of ourselves in delivering reliable end-to-end support services to our clients, assisting them to Australia in a smooth, comfortable and rewarding decision.

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103 Level (Opp Crazy Clarks) 166 Murray Street Mall Perth Western Australia 6000 Phone +61 8 9221 4888 Fax +61 8 9221 8688 Email easystudy@easymigrate.com

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