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Our School Education System

Our government schools educate the majority of children in Western Australia from ages 4 through 18. After pre-primary, there are 12 years of schooling - Years 1-7 in primary school and Years 8-12 in secondary school.

Our primary school program

primary school

Primary School Age and Curriculum
Primary school involves Years 1-7, with children normally entering Year 1 in the year they turn 6 and finishing Year 7 in the year they turn 12. Primary education aims to build on the foundation for learning that is laid down in the pre-compulsory years. The intellectual, moral, social and physical development of students is encouraged in inclusive, safe and stimulating learning environments with activities integrated across eight learning areas: Mathematics; Science; English; The Arts; Technology and Enterprise; Society and Environment; Health and Physical Education; and Language Other Than English.

Teaching and Class Size
In primary school, the students are taught by a specific class teacher for most of the day. Schools also have specialist teachers for subjects like music, art, drama and foreign languages. The main class teacher usually changes each year as students progress from one Year to the next. The typical class size in our primary schools is 25-30 students.

Choice of Schools
All of our primary schools with spare capacity are able to take international enrolments. It is up to the parent's preference as to where they wish to live and which primary school to enrol their child in.

English Support
In whichever school you enrol, English as a Second Language (ESL) support will be provided for your child. A minimum starting level of English is required. If the student's English level isn't sufficient, we can enrol the child in an intensive English studies program before they start school.

Primary School Environments and Facilities
Children in the early years of learning have large purpose designed spaces equipped with their own toilets, sinks and sheltered play areas. Older students have activity areas close to their classrooms where they may work individually or together on projects and larger pieces of work without interrupting their classmates.

In addition to general teaching classrooms and administrative areas, most schools have a purpose designed Music Room and an Art Studio.  A large covered Assembly Area is also provided for schools in which school assemblies and performances are held.

A high priority is given to the landscape and quality of the surroundings to ensure schools are safe and pleasant places in which to learn. Playgrounds are well equipped with apparatus for fun and fitness and each school has a hard court and grassed playing fields to ensure students can play a wide variety of sports and are active and healthy.

Each primary school has Library and very often special areas set aside within these for computing and quiet study.  As all schools are networked, students have ready access to the latest learning technologies, software and programs.

The fees involved for applying and enrolling in our Primary schools (from Yr 1 - 7) include:

  • School fees of A$8,000 per year (for a second child it is A$7,500 per year)
  • Overseas student health cover (approximately A$342 per year)

Living Arrangements

International primary-aged students are required to live with either one or both of their parents or grandparents while studying in Australia. Other immediate family members may be considered on a case-by-case basis.



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