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Our School Education System

Our government schools educate the majority of children in Western Australia from ages 4 through 18. After pre-primary, there are 12 years of schooling - Years 1-7 in primary school and Years 8-12 in secondary school.

Our secondary school program

secondary school

Age and Grades
Secondary school involves Years 8-12, with children normally entering Grade 8 in the year they turn 13 and finishing Year 12 in the year they turn 17. All students in W.A. must be involved in some form of education or training until the age of 17. In years 8-10 all students study English; The Arts; Mathematics; Science; Languages other than English; Technology and Enterprise; Society and Environment; and Health and Physical Education.

In years 11 and 12, students choose combinations of subjects from among the key learning areas in order to qualify for Secondary Graduation, to meet the entrance requirements of universities or TAFE colleges, or to satisfy personal interests and talents. The optional TEE program - which prepares students for university entry - is a two year course and students must complete both years.

In secondary school, students usually have a structured timetable - normally with 5 subject lessons each day. These subjects are taught by specific, specialist teachers and the class groups often vary from one subject to the next. Students usually move from one class to the next for each subject.

Class Size
Classes from Grades 8-10 have a maximum of 32 students and classes in Grades 11-12 a maximum of 25 students.

Assessment and Reporting
Course outlines and assessment guidelines are provided to students at the start of each learning program. Students are assessed continuously through assignments, class work, homework, tests and examinations and these assessments contribute to reports issued each semester.

In addition to semester reports, schools issue interim reports during the year. Parents can also request additional reports if they have concerns about their studentˇ¦s progress. Formal examinations are completed twice a year for all tertiary entrance subjects.

Although much of the curriculum is covered in class, students are expected to reinforce and supplement this and develop their study skills through completing assignments, revising and studying at home. The homework load in upper school is especially demanding. Schools recommend that students allocate the following times to homework and study out of school hours: Year 8: 9 hours per week; Year 9: 12 hours per week; Year 10: 12-15 hours per week; Year 11: 18 hours per week; Year 12: 18+ hours per week.

Flexible Education Choices
Our secondary schools provide children with a broad range of pathways - not just to university but also to our TAFE Colleges that  provide employment focused diploma programs.

This is possible through the opportunities upper secondary school students have to do pre-university studies, practical, vocational courses (e.g. at Certificate II and III level), or undertake work experience or work-based training while still at school.

Choice of Schools
We have 24 secondary schools in the Perth metropolitan area that are able to enrol overseas fee paying students. It is up to the parent's preference as to where they wish to live and which school to enrol their child. Our secondary schools also specialise in certain programs. You can find out more about our secondary schools in: About Our Schools.

English Support
In whichever school you enrol, some degree of English as a Second Language (ESL) support will be provided for your child. However, some of our secondary schools have permanent, established ESL programs. ESL may be delivered in specific, intensive English language programs or as part of the mainstream classes. Students who require intensive English support will be required to attend a school with such a program before commencing normal studies.

Secondary School Environments & Facilities
Each senior high school has, in addition to general teaching classrooms and administrative areas, several fully equipped science laboratories and a large library with an extensive book collection, multi-media resources and study areas.

While all schools have facilities for visual and performing arts, those schools specialising in these areas will often have additional art and design, television, dance and drama studios.

Laboratories and fully fitted workshops are provided for technology subjects, including business studies, materials, systems and food technology.  In schools where TAFE courses are offered students undertake these studies in enhanced surroundings often with industry standard equipment and services.

All schools are networked to provide students and staff with access to computers and online programs from their classrooms and study areas.

Gymnasiums, tennis courts and spacious grassed playing fields provide for studentsˇ¦ recreational and sporting needs.

The fees involved for applying and enrolling in our Secondary schools include:

  • School fees of A$9,500 per year from Years 8-10 (for a second child it is A$8,900 per year)
  • School fees of A$10,500 per year from Years 11-12 (for a second child it is A$10,000 per year)
  • Overseas student health cover (approximately A$342 per year)

About Our Schools

Where Are Our Schools Located?
Our primary schools are in every part of the Perth, please ask us for details on schools near to specific locations. You can view an interactive map of our Secondary school locations using the icon on the right. Or, if you have Google Earth, you can take a flying 3D tour: All of our schools can be conveniently accessed via public transport (either bus or train services). 

School Profiles
You can find out much more about our Secondary schools and their special programs from our School Profiles section







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